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Paying It Forward…Meet Ivetta and Filip Ferents

Today’s entry is not about weight control, serotonin or any other health-related topic.  I wanted to introduce two guests currently staying with us that have come over from war-torn Ukraine on the “United For Ukraine” Program.  This program was implemented by the United States to help people from Ukraine obtain safe haven in our country while allowing them to seek employment and build new lives here.  Nataliya (originally from Ukraine with family still there) and I are hosting Ivetta and Filip Ferents at our home.  

Ivetta is a dentist and Filip is an engineer, both having successful careers in Ukraine.  However, credentialing and licensing will take numerous months/years for them to be able to practice their professions in the United States.  Both are very eager to start working and they are offering the following services:

Filip:  Handyman services, including painting, lawncare, repairs, deck sealing, drywall, putting together furniture, minor plumbing/electric work and a host of other “handyman” types of projects.

Ivetta: House cleaning, childcare, elderly care, dental assisting

Ivetta and Filip are incredibly thankful to be in the United States and look forward to building new, safe and happy lives for themselves, their future children as well as becoming contributing members of our community and country.

As an aside, my grandparents immigrated here from Russia in the early 1900’s due to persecution.  They, too, were seeking safety and opportunity.  With no money, resources or help, they built a life here and their very hard work resulted in the opportunity for my brothers and I to attend college, graduate schools and enjoy so many great things our country has to offer.  I feel like Nataliya and I are sort of “paying it forward” by trying to help Ivetta and Filip build their new lives here.

If you, your friends or neighbors can use any help in the areas mentioned above, PLEASE call Nataliya at: 703-606-1103 and she will arrange a meeting with Ivetta and Filip to learn more about the project.

Thank you so very much for taking time to have read this and consider offering your next home project to Ivetta and Filip.

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