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Meet Doctor Bob

Certified M.D. Weight Loss and Health Coach

Doctor Bob Posner

“You don’t have to look any further if you want a doctor who knows what he’s doing.”

Doctor Bob Posner is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a former decorated U.S. Navy physician and was under consideration to be President Reagan’s physician before opting for private practice. He has a passion for helping people become healthier and happier.

Doctor Bob researched, developed and patented oral serotonin supplementation and this became the marquee feature of the SP Program that has now helped tens of thousands of patients across the United States lose weight safely and effectively. Over 100 board certified physicians across America have brought the SP Program and products into their practices.

Doctor Bob is the author of The Serotonin Solution to Never “Dieting” Again and he has lectured at medical meetings across the U.S. and now Europe. He has developed new, patented serotonin products and the first one, SeroPro, the Serotonin Solution for Mood Enhancement launched in April, 2017.

Doctor Bob is an avid fitness enthusiast, working out daily as well as playing tennis. He has a passion for helping people become healthier and happier.

Real transformation is within reach.

Start a consultation with Doctor Bob. It's the first step on the way to a slimmer, happier, and more revitalized you.