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Serotinin Quiz

Doctor Bob is the inventor of the Serotonin Imbalance Quiz, which helps determine healthy or less than ideal Serotonin Levels. He is also the author of “The Serotonin Solution” to never “dieting” again, and he has lectured at medical meetings across the U.S. and Europe. Moreover, he has developed new, patented Serotonin products, with the first one, Seropro, “The Serotonin Solution for Mood Enhancement,” launched in April 2017.

Doctor Bob is an avid fitness enthusiast, working out daily and playing tennis. He has a passion for helping people become healthier and happier.

Bob and Nataliya Posner are thrilled to be living in the wonderful Williamsburg area.  Nataliya was born in Ukraine and she is a Yoga instructor, personal trainer and is fluent in English, Ukranian and Russian.  They both look forward to making many new friends!