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Internal Medicine Services

“Bringing CARING Back To Medical CARE”

Internal Medicine Services

“Bringing CARING Back To Medical CARE”

Dr. Posner

Has A Greater Than 30 Year Expertise In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Chronic Internal Medicine Problems. We Are Accepting New Patients And Same Day Sick Appointments.

Telemedicine Visits Available!

Dr. Posner Treats The Following Routine Medical Conditions:

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic medical conditions such as

Diagnosis and treatment of Acute Medical Illnesses such as:

Virginia Medical Marijuana Certification

Dr. Bob Posner is registered by the Virginia Board Of Pharmacy to certify Virginia residents for the Virginia Medical Marijuana Program.

THC/CBD (“Medical Marijuana”) has helped many people with:

Insomnia/sleep disturbances

If you are experiencing any/some/many of the above symptoms and the treatments you have been provided have not been effective and/or causing side effects, medical marijuana may provide a great solution with a very favorable side-effect profile.

Once certification is received, you schedule an appointment at one of the Virginia-approved medical cannabis dispensaries, meet with a pharmacist with special training in medical marijuana and you will obtain product that same day!

How To Get A Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

Schedule Medical
Marijuana Certification

Complete Patient
Registration With VDHP

Visit Any Dispensary In