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SeroImmune Immunity Supplement


Each person has a unique journey to health. Tap into your own individual rhythms and physical resources to lose weight, improve your mood, and reach a better quality of life.


SeroPro is a ground-breaking mood enhancement formula designed to help you reclaim your natural happiness. If you suffer from low mood, or sadness that occurs during the winter months, you have come to the right place. SeroPro is formulated to help you with low mood and sadness without the unpleasant side effects of prescription medication.

Serotonin-Mineral-Vitamin Blend

In addition to serotonin, each supplement includes a rich blend of minerals and vitamins that amplify serotonin’s effects, improving mood and raising energy levels even further.


If you have excessive cravings for carbohydrate-laden foods, especially in times of stress or during the winter months, your body may be telling you that it needs serotonin. SeroFit is a ground-breaking formula that helps increase serotonin levels, reduce carb cravings and minimize stress eating so you can manage your weight successfully — and be in a better mood while doing it!

No Side Effects

The serotonin in our supplements comes from 100% all natural herbal sources. It is the same as what your body would produce itself.

Since it is extracted from all natural sources, our serotonin supplements absorb easily into the body without adverse side effects. We back our products with a 30-day full refund guarantee.

The Complete Solution Bundle

For the complete solution to weight loss, overall happiness, and more energy, get all 3 products in a single bundle. SeroImmune, SeroPro, and Serofit work together to create a powerful and lasting effect.
Save 10% compared to buying each product separately.


Our most popular bundle includes 3 SeroFit and 1 SeroDaily bottle and is the same health and fitness formula as used in our Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program.
Buy as a Bundle and Even Subscribe for Auto-Fill Orders

SeroPro Program

3 Bottles of SeroPro in one package. What’s not to love? Our ground-breaking real 5-HTP formula is designed to boost your mood and happiness with effectively-delivered serotonin day after day.
Buy as a Bundle and Even Subscribe for Auto-Fill Orders

What is Serotonin?

Serotonin is at the heart of our program.

Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a neurochemical that occurs in the brain and intestines. It is naturally produced through exercise and eating nutritious foods.

It plays a crucial role in energy and vitality by:

  • regulating sleep
  • strengthening memory and learning
  • influencing social behavior
  • alleviating depression and anxiety
  • moderating and improving mood
  • bringing a sense of liveliness and vitality
What Makes Serotonin Solutions Better?

SeroPro, SeroFit, and SeroDaily are patented blends of natural serotonin, vitamins, and minerals. It contains real 5-HT serotonin—not variants like tryptophan or 5-HTP. Real 5-HT is more effective at delivering serotonin to the brain, which is better at improving your mood and lessening your anxiety.

Dr. Bob Posner

and the Science Behind SeroPro

SeroPro is part of a family of products based on Doctor Bob’s patented oral serotonin supplementation.

His first product, Serotonin-Plus, was launched as part a doctor-supervised weight loss program which has helped tens of thousands lose weight safely and effectively.

The product from this successful program is now available as SeroFit for self-managed weight loss. Serotonin-based supplements for menopause, PMS, blood sugar and sexual dysfunction are currently in development and expected to launch over the course of 2018.

Bob Posner is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a former decorated U.S. Navy physician and was under consideration to be President Reagan’s physician before opting for private practice. He has a passion for helping people become healthier and happier.

Don’t just take one doctor’s word for it, though…

Serofit has been used in the medically supervised Serotonin-Plus Weight Control Program. The 12-week program produces an average weight loss of 30 lbs for women and 40 lbs for men, over a twelve week period.

Are You Ready for a Revitalized You?

Get SeroPro

Get SeroFit

Get SeroDaily

Get All 3

and save 10%

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the primary benefit of Serotonin?
Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a neurochemical produced in the brain and in the intestines. It plays a large role in helping you keep a positive mood, by regulating sleep, memory, learning, social behavior, and more. Imbalances can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other disorders.
What is SeroDaily?
SeroDaily is a multi-vitamin formulated to deliver the proper amount of vitamins and minerals crucial to your day-to-day health while supplying an additional boost of serotonin to promote a positive mood throughout your regular activities.
What is SeroPro?
SeroPro is formulated to help you with low mood and sadness without the unpleasant side effects of prescription medication.
What is SeroFit?
SeroFit is recommended if you have recently been diagnosed with “pre-diabetes” or struggling with Type 2 diabetes. It is effective without the unpleasant side effects of prescription medication. Serofit can also help if you are struggling with joint pain, or want Bariatric Surgery but don’t meet the criteria, or are at the risk for heart disease, have issues with your thyroid, or have high blood pressure and/or cholesterol.
Which product is best for me?
If you are interested in losing weight: SeroFit.

If you are interested in balancing your mood and emotional swings: SeroPro.

If you are interested in a daily multivitamin with convenient uplifting side-effects: SeroDaily.

Will these products harm me if I am taking other medication?
They will not. However, as always, check with your regular doctor before taking additional medications.
What are the most common side-effects?
There are only positive side-effects to these natural supplements. Created from the leaves of Stinging Nettle and St. John’s Wort, Doctor Bob’s vitamins emphasize wellness without creating new symptoms.

Have any questions?

Send us a message! We will be happy to answer!