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Sero Professionals

Welcome to our dedicated area for Sero Professionals, featuring our incredible Sero Professionals, who use, enjoy, and benefit from the Amazing Sero line of products.

From professional athletes to professionals in all fields, these leaders share their Sero Product success with their fans, clients, and social media followers.

Meet Melissa Morreale

Melissa Morreale is the CEO of MOMster Fitness and a Professional Natural Bikini Athlete. She specializes in weight training, conditioning & fitness for moms. Melissa is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, NGA Bikini Pro and Most Importantly, a Loving Mom and Wife.

Melissa founded MOMster Fitness in 2015. After having her second chid, Melissa wanted to put her health first and be the best possible role model for her children. She wanted to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and the importance of self-care to her family, and that she did! Melissa takes pride in being a fitness inspiration to all, especially moms. She has a strong passion for teaching, educating and coaching others into transforming their lifestyle. Melissa is a strength-training enthusiast with a drive to empower women “not” to shy away from lifting weights. Her love for health, wellness & recreation dates back to 2009, where she held multiple managerial positions in spas, health & fitness clubs and resorts, from the Caribbean to Utah.

Currently, Melissa has a full-client load (in-gym & online), ranging from nurses, realtors, college students, stay-at-home moms and even grandmothers. She also has an online client-database, allowing anyone worldwide to use her very effective programming! As a well-versed fitness professional, Melissa is a true burst of vibrant energy when it comes to helping, motivating and inspiring others.

Sero Solutions is Proud to welcome Melissa aboard as a Sero Professional Athlete!

Serotonin Solutions

SeroFit is a ground-breaking formula that helps increase serotonin levels, reduce carb cravings and minimize stress eating so you can keep your weight down successfully.

SeroPro is a mood enhancement formula designed to help you reclaim your natural happiness.

SeroDaily supplies the vitamins and minerals you need each day to keep you going strong.

Are you a health or fitness professional?

To learn more about becoming a Sero Professional, or if you know of a “Pro” in their field who may be interested in becoming a Sero Professional, please contact us and one of our representatives will reach back out to you as soon as possible.
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