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All Or Nothing At All

For those Frank Sinatra fans out there (count me in), one of his famous songs is “All or Nothing At All”. I do not believe the Chairman of the Board was referring to the weight control arena, but please follow me on this one…

There are many patients I have seen that throw themselves 1000% into their weight control efforts when they have focus and determination: Getting to the gym, counting those protein portions, planning their meals, avoiding alcohol, etc. These actions of course lead to LOTS of weight loss.

However, when they are NOT into their weight control efforts, they are 1000% “off”: Eating lots of carbs, enjoying those alcoholic beverages, not following any aspect whatsoever of the SP Plan, etc. These actions lead to pretty much all the weight coming back on.

A successful long-term weight control journey cannot be the “All or Nothing at All”, 100% “In”/100% “Out” behavioral patterns. There of course can be times when efforts are more aggressive than others but complete abandonment of following the core principles needed for weight control will result in the proverbial “Yo-Yo” effect.

So, not to offend “Ol Blue Eyes”, but there cannot be the “All or Nothing At All” approach to effective long-term weight control. We all must maintain at least some element of surveillance even when we are not fully engaged and focused.

Enjoy the music:

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