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Self Esteem and Confidence with Successful Weight Control

As a doctor, I can measure to a pretty exact number your weight, your blood sugar, your cholesterol level, your blood pressure, etc. However, there are a number of things that we cannot put an exact number to. Two of these are self-esteem and confidence levels. These are not objective in nature, but very much subjective. From the outside an observer can make a guess at the level of self-esteem and confidence that the person in front of them is experiencing, but there is no way of knowing exactly the state of these. Even the person his or herself often does not realistically understand their own level of self-esteem and confidence.

Yesterday, we had a blast at the WJLA television studios in Rosyln. We were there to film a television commercial for the SP Program. Aside from the doctor guy (me) in the white coat blabbing about serotonin we were asked to bring a patient in for a “testimonial”. One of the patients we brought is a female around the age of 50 and she has lost over 40 pounds in the SP Program. She came down to the studio with 3 outfits to potentially use and the Producer of the commercial suggested which one to wear.

I could tell there was a “nervousness factor” for our patient, as she has never done a television filming previously. However, the self-esteem and confidence levels concerning her “look” was of the charts in a very positive way. This is a person that before the weight loss would never consider appearing in a commercial such as this but now, she was thrilled to participate. The “before and after” pictures requested b the producer show the physical changes. The marked improvement of self-esteem and confidence cannot be shown via pictures.

Successful weight control brings many “physical/health” benefits but additionally, enhancement of self-esteem and confidence is incredibly powerful.

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