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The Lazy Days of Summer

With Memorial Day and July 4th behind us, we are staring down the hot, humid days of the rest of the summer. There are some times of the year when the motivation to control weight becomes less. For example, when the first warm weather days of the year start occurring in late April/early May, thoughts of the summer pool and beach outings becomes a great motivator to control weight. The reason? Bathing suit season and the desire to “look good”. Another seasonal motivator are the end of the year holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Many people have social functions, family gatherings etc., and once again, the desire to “look good” becomes a great motivator.

Sure, for those people that have an early autumn reunion, wedding, or some other event that will involve “dress-up”, photos, seeing people you have not seen in awhile, the current lazy days of summer may still hold a motivator. However, for most, these lazy days of summer bring with them a certain lull in the “motivator factor”.

How to navigate around this and remain motivated all year round? Always keep in the forefront of your mind that the medical co-morbidities of poor weight control such as diabetes, chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, etc. have no “seaonality”. The risk of developing these life-changing problems are the same day after day, month after month, and season after season.

Do not allow these lazy days of summer to slow down or stop your weight control efforts. Stay the course!

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