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3 Ways to Stay Motivated

Making goals can be easy; sticking to them, not so much. The trick to overcoming setbacks, or simply the passage of time, is staying motivated. Here are three expert-approved questions to ask yourself for maximum motivation.  

What Is My Vision?

The best goals are specific and measurable—that way, you know when you have reached them! For example, if you want to lose weight, put a number on it. If you know you need to improve your blood pressure or cholesterol, ask your doctor what your target range should be. Trying to get ahead professionally? Decide how many networking meetings you’ll schedule each month.
What Is My “Why?”

Take a moment to turn inward. Are the changes you want to make superficial or more purposeful? “I want to look good in a bathing suit” is a fine goal, but it may help to re-think it (for example, “I want to increase my energy level.”) The most powerful motivation comes from finding a sense of self-purpose.
How Will I Handle Setbacks?

Spoiler alert: Setbacks WILL happen! Major or minor, don’t let obstacles derail your progress—just have a game plan ready. For example, did you splurge on dessert? Enjoy the treat and commit to getting back on track with healthy eating tomorrow. Go easy on yourself and consider whether your goals may need to be adjusted.

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