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_____ Will Keep Us Together

Sorry for the dated music references but here comes another one your way:  Anyone remember the 1970’s husband/wife duo called “Captain and Tennille”?  The “Captain” was Daryl Dragon and he was originally a keyboard player for the Beach Boys.  He would perform wearing a Captain’s hat, hence his nickname.  Toni Tennille met the Captain in 1972 and she was introduced to the Beach Boys as well, becoming a keyboardist for the group too.  Toni was known as the first and only “Beach Girl”.

One of Captain and Tennille’s famous songs was their hit called “Love Will Keep Us Together”.   The song was actually written by Neil Sedaka in 1973 but the Captain and Tennille released this in 1975 and it rose to the number one hit of the year.  Over the ensuring years a number of TV shows and movies incorporated this song into the stories.

Okay, I wasted enough of your time on music trivia so now it is time to get into the weight control arena:  Yes, “love” can keep us together but you know what is much more important than love to keep us together?  Yes, you guessed it: HEALTH.  When we are healthy we are able to be with our families and friends, participate in many fun activities and share the joy of the holiday gatherings and other joyous occasions that bring us together with the people we love.

If I didn’t have a crappy singing voice, I would change the lyrics and deliver you this message via song:


Health will keep us together…

Enjoy the Captain and Tennille:

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