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The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Some/many of you movie fans out there may remember a 1996 romantic comedy called “The Truth About Cats & Dogs”.  The flick starred Uma Thurman and Janeane Garafalo and it was about a veterinarian that has a model friend impersonate her to meet a guy she wants to date.  The film received some decent reviews and it grossed over $70 million in box office revenues here and internationally.

Well, today I want to send my thoughts about “The Truth About Cats And Dogs” and this relates to actual cats and dogs.  I know I am about to offend many of you out there that are cat lovers and receive accolades from the dog lovers out there, but here goes:

Truth be known, I am a “dog person”…I love their loyalty, their ability to go outside for walks and play with you, the unconditional love they display, and the list goes on and on.  Cats?  I find them aloof, you really cannot do much with them and their litter boxes stink.  However due to my wife and daughters’ love for cats, we have two in our household.  And what person in the house do they always seems to want to lay on?  Yep, me…the dog lover and cat despiser.  

Now, to the weight control arena: Dogs will provide a sort of “forced exercise”.  They need to be walked several times a day and they love to play with you.  That “playing” often comes in the form of chasing them around, throwing a ball outside and other activities that burn off calories for you as well.  Additionally, perhaps snacking at night is limited for you knowing that the dog will be hounding /begging you for participation in the nocturnal eating.  Cats?  If you call cleaning a litter box or stroking them when they are on your lap purring “exercise” then I guess cats will help too.

You all know that my rants (in this case against cats) are done sort of tongue in cheek and I 1000% respect people’s preferences in life, with their choices of pets included.  From a weight control standpoint however, if you are in the market for a pet, choose the pet that will help your weight control efforts and in the case of “The Truth About Cats & Dogs, dogs will provide you more exercise.

To finish up here:  I always make fun of Nataliya for watching cat videos on Youtube.  So, although I do not like taking time away from you from exercise or meal planning, here is 10 minutes of DOG videos that will make you laugh.  Enjoy!

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