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A Bad Workout?

I was perusing some inspirational weight loss quotes online this morning and I found one that gave me pause:

“The Only Bad Workout Is One That Did Not Happen.”

This made me think of the times when I have gone to the gym instead of my basement , checked in at the front desk and the attending person says “Have a good workout!”.   Another situation:  I bump into a friend in the locker room and I am asked:  “Did you have a good workout?”

To be honest and transparent:  For me, the only “good” about a workout is when it is over.  During the workout itself (elliptical in my case), I constantly look at the clock on the machine hoping the time moves quickly and I am done.  I do not feel “good” when I am actually doing the exercise.  I feel great when I am in the sauna afterwards, when I am showered and clean….this is when the workout was “good”.

With exercise being an important contributor to long term weight control efforts, we all need to find motivation and inspiration to getting out there and doing something that burns off calories.  Preferably it is an activity that we enjoy.  

Another inspirational quote I saw was this:  “There is someone busier than you running right now”.  This implies that we tend to look for excuses not to exercise such as “ I am too busy”.  There is no doubt that any working person with a family to tend to have lots of time pressure so finding the exercise opportunities are challenging.

So, you will not hear from me:  “Have a good workout”, but you will hear this:  “Although this is challenging, try to find exercise time 3-4 times a week”.

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