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A Cause Of Social Distancing?

If we turn the clocks back about a year ago, we really did not hear the term “social distancing” to any great degree.  Since the pandemic has arrived, there is not one day that goes by that we do not either hear or need to “obey” the concept of social distancing.  The little printed feet on the floors of the supermarkets remind us to social distance, the signs on every store tell us about masks and social distancing and the suspicious looks that we get/give to others when our 6 feet of space are invaded further drive home the concept of social distancing.

Human beings are social animals and this fact has become even more apparent during the lockdown.  Many parents tell me that their children are simply not flourishing well in the home learning environment compared to being physically at school because they severely miss the social interactions they used to have with their friends.  Even adults haver to battle Covid-mood issues in part, because of social isolation.

Turning to the weight control arena, many people that are not happy with their weight will “socially distance” from others even before the Covid rules required such distancing.  Often, people struggling with poor weight control will not want to be seen at social gatherings, especially summertime events around pools where bathing suit attire is the social norm.  Embarrassment about the “look” will keep people from attending these fun, social events.

To an extent, the Covid lockdown can be internally and psychologically be used by an affected person to not remain aggressive in weight control efforts.  It is much easier to “hide” on Zoom conferences that being seen in person.  Knowing this may take away one motivation for shedding weight:  the desire to be confident to be around others.

Take a step back and honestly self-evaluate whether you are doing any “social distancing”, not because of Covid rules, but rather, due to lack of confidence due to the weight.  This is clearly not the major motivator to lose weight but the desire to be “out there” may help in the quest to lose the weight and keep that weight off.

And, please do not socially distance from us….come in for your FREE body scan if you have not done this in awhile.

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