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A Dangerous Time Period?

If you talk to people that work at fitness facilities, there is an incredible increase in the number of people that come in starting January 1.   This, of course, coincides with the “New Year’s Resolution to lose weight” mindset that many people embrace immediately after the holidays.  Similarly, many people vow to start “diets” on January 1 in the quest to develop a “New Year-New You” focus on health.

Right around February 1, the fitness facilities notice a significant drop off from the attendance in January.  The classes are less full and there are not as many people using the aerobic exercise machines.  Many “weight loss” companies, including ours, will also see a drop off of new business.

Rationally, we know that our quest to become healthier and happier via weight control should have no seasonality relationship.  However, human nature is such that we have different motivations that are influenced by the different seasons.  For example, May is a time that many people start thinking about summer activities, the need to wear more revealing clothes and hence the impetus to get more serious about weight control efforts.

This is a dangerous time period for weight control because of motivational issues.  Although the holiday parties and accompanying foods/drinks are no longer bountiful, the dark, cold, dreary and somewhat depressing February/March provide no clear motivation

Try not to fall into this lull period/mindset and stay invigorated in your efforts to reach that healthier weight goal.  Without the holiday events there should be more time to plan meals, shop for the right foods, schedule exercise time etc.  When you think about it, this time period actually offers a more favorable environment to focus on your efforts.

Spring is not too far off…lets all get moving!

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