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A Few Words About Texting

I know I am supposed to be writing stuff that will be helpful to my patients’ quests to achieve higher states of health and happiness but sometimes I will (for lack of a better word) rant about some of my pet peeves that indirectly play a role in a person’s health and today is one of these:  TEXTING.  We all do this, perhaps some people LOTS more than others.  Texting is a quick method of getting a message to someone.  This does not require a person to pick up a phone call, read an e-mail or wait for an envelope to arrive in the mailbox.  Instantaneously, the receiver’s phone will make a noise or vibrate and light up displaying the message.  This sounds really great and that why we all do it.

Even though I am a “text hater” (reasons specified below) there are certainly great uses of texting such as:

  • Alerting someone that you may be late for an intended meeting
  • Sending a quick “I love you” or similar caring line to make your loved one’s day brighter
  • Sending best wishes for a happy new year or happy birthday to a not so close friend/relative (I would hope a closer friend/relative is deserving of a call and not a text)

Pretty BAD uses of text messages:

  • Terminating someone from a job ( I have heard stories of this actually happening)
  • Ending a relationship or disclosing an infidelity
  • Angrily accusing someone of a harsh/hurtful action on their part


So why am I a “Text Hater”?  I believe that better communication occurs when people speak directly, preferably in person but certainly by voice.  Often incessant texting back and forth can result in misunderstanding and poor communication.  Moreover, a call can result in much time savings, as the back and forth texting will consume much more time than speaking.

Bringing this to the health part:  We are all strapped for time during the day and finding time to exercise, plan meals and focus on YOUR health is limited.  How much time do you spend daily texting people back and forth that could otherwise be spent on more productive time on YOU?  Take a step back and analyze this time expenditure.

I know most people in and around my age are fist pumping me saying “Yes Posner, you are right” whereas any younger folks out there are shaking their heads thinking that Posner is too old school in his thoughts.  Please feel free to send me comments..either e-mail or phone…NO TEXTS…laughing….

Enjoy a fun older song about TALKING….(not texting)…enjoy “Pillow Talk” from Silvia….a sultry song from 1973.

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