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A Little Bit Of Me…A LOT Of YOU

Yesterday among the patients I saw via telemedicine, two of those patients had their last visits.  Both were quite successful in their programs, with one losing 27 pounds in 12 weeks and the other experienced a 32-pounds loss.  The patients were ecstatic about their success in shedding weight, describing how much more energy they feel, how many clothes sizes were dropped, how much less pain they were experiencing in their joints and one of the patients has come off 2 prescription medications and the other 3.   They were thrilled with their new look and feel.

Before ending the visits, both patients thanked me profusely for their success in losing so much weight.  I greatly appreciated the accolades, but I was very quick to point out that they were responsible for the weight loss, not me.  I simply provided some tools for them but they had to do all of the “heavy lifting”, i.e. work involved in achieving the success.  My role in this was minimal: Prescription medication, serotonin supplementation, a structured dietary plan and weekly check ins.  I was not the person that needed to cut carbs/sugars, plan meals, forego immediate gratification food items, juggle my other responsibilities as I was trying to focus on my own weight control, etc etc.  THEY were the people that did all of the very difficult work involved in successfully shedding weight.

The point:  Despite social media and advertisements telling us about “Easy” weight loss, there is no such thing.  YOU need to place lots of focus, energy, effort and priority on your weight control efforts.  There is nothing easy about giving up immediate gratification foods/drinks for the delayed gratification that is experienced with successful weight control.

So, for those people that have thanked me for helping them achieve a positive life change, this is greatly appreciated but I also know that my role in this was negligible compared to the hard work you have put into this.  A huge pat on the back to you all for putting in so much effort.

And here are the Monkees singing “A Lilttle Bit Of Me A LOT Of You” (well, actually “A Little Bit Of Me A Little Bit Of You”….written by Neil Diamond)

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