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 A Message From Bob and Nataliya Posner/ Ukraine / They Need Our Help!!!

To Our Wonderful Patients and Friends…

I am certain all of you have been watching the horrific events that are occurring in Ukraine.  Innocent women, children and civilians being slaughtered while cities are destroyed are gut-wrenching, to say the least, for all of us to see.  The word “atrocity” does not even come close to describing what is transpiring as these brave Ukranians fight relentlessly to preserve their lives and freedom.

As you may know, Nataliya is originally from Ukraine with family members and friends still there.   We have been in contact with them and repeatedly ask what we can do to help.  Our sister in law, Kate, and her family/friends are putting together packages of medications and other medical supplies to get to their soldiers fighting in the war zones.  Nataliya’s friend Maria and her colleagues are making clothes for the Ukranian military personnel fighting in the war.  Please see Maria’s video below.

When we donate money, we are all concerned that the $$$ is truly getting to the “cause” we are donating to and not being either fraudulently taken for personal gain or having costs prevent the $$$ from being deployed for its intended purposes.

Kate and Maria have provided information as to where donations can be directed, and with great certainty, have that money go to helping Ukranians survive as well as feeding/clothing the millions of refugees that have been displaced from their homes.

The Serotonin-Plus Team, Nataliya and I are offering a FREE SP visit ($120 value) for a minimum $50 donation to the opportunity listed below.

Simply make your donation, send us an e-mail informing us of your donation, and we will be thrilled to set you up for your free SP visit.

Here is a note from our sister Kate with a recommended donation site in the United States: 

Hi, Bob!

Sorry it has taken so long to put together some info, but there is hardly time for anything now.  

The situation in Ukraine is getting tragic. 

We are in the middle of military war, humanitarian disaster and henocide facing nuclear disaster which won’t stop at the border. Unfortunately people all over the world do not realise that this tragedy is doing to influence the whole world. Ukrane is in the TOP3 exporters of agricultural products, thus the food safety Europe and the USA is under a big black questionmark.  

We have been volunteering all the time in different directions as at present due to the fact that there is more work and needs than physically people to cover them, everybody is trying to solve a number of problems  simultaneously. 

Ukraine is desperate for any kind of help. On the state level donations and humanitarian aid are being sent, but on the local level the lives of people are turning into the tragedy. 

If anybody would like to support, here is more detailed information:

The “House of Ukraine” in San Diego, CA

…….My friend Miroslava in San Diego, CA from House of Ukraine in the USA has contacted us and offered help. They buy and send from the USA to Ukraine all those items which is impossible to buy here –   bulletproff wests, helmets, first aid kits and try to cover all the needs of our soldiers and simple man defending out territory. Miroslava is a wonderful lady and she has got a great family. All the donations which their organisation gets they use to cove the endless lists of needs. 

     Miroslava’s phone number: 805-680-1974 

     Here is their website: 

House Of Ukraine https://houseofukraine

Most of us understand that America and other NATO countries cannot and will not send troops to directly fight the Russian forces.  This leaves the incredibly smaller and lesser equipped Ukrainians to fight on their own to preserve their lives and freedom.  Their spirit and resolve are uplifted by knowing that Americans care and want to help.  

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider sending a donation to the foundation outlined above.  And, that $50 or more donation gets you a FREE SP visit!

Thank you very much for taking the time to have reads this and also your consideration of making a donation to helping people that are desperate for our help.

Mariya from Ukraine


Bob and Nataliya Posner and the Serotonin-Plus Team

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