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A New Prescription Weight Loss Medication

Prescription medications to help weight loss efforts have been in existence for decades.  For many medically supervised weight loss programs, including Serotonin-Plus, the “go to” medication has been phentermine.  This medication was FDA-approved in 1959 and  falls into the category of amphetamines.  Phentermine works by stimulating the brain to release certain neurotransmitters that make the person feel full and reduce appetite.  Phentermine also boosts metabolism.  Side effects may include: constipation, poor sleep, dry mouth, palpitations and an anxious sensation.

Although phentermine is tolerated well by most of our patients, there are some people that phentermine may pose a risk for.  Those patients with abnormal heart rhythms, poorly controlled blood pressure, very poor sleep patterns to begin with as well as people that get palpitations when they take any form of stimulants, including caffeine.

We are proud to introduce a new, compounded prescription medication that can be used as an alternative for those people that do not want/do not like taking phentermine.  We call the new medication “SeroCrave” and this combines three ingredients that have been safely/effectively used for many years:

  • Bupropion (this is the generic name for the anti-depressant Wellbutrin® and the smoking cessation medication Zyban®)
  • Naltrexone (Brand name Vivitrol, used for helping people not relapse into drugs and/or alcohol)
  • Chromium (natural mineral found in studies to positively impact insulin/glucose metabolism and reduce body fat)

SeroCrave works on regions of the brain that are involved with pleasure and reward systems.  The use of SeroCrave will result in the brain not seeking the high caloric/high carbohydrate foods and snacks that historically derail weight loss efforts.  SeroCrave is not a stimulant and should not produce the sleep, cardiac or other adverse reactions that some people experience on phentermine.

Similar to every prescription medication, there are potential side effects and SeroCrave may not be right for everyone.   If you have had problems with phentermine and may be interested in our new compounded prescription, SeroCrave, please set up a FREE consultation to see if SeroCrave is right for you.

As always, weight loss medications must be accompanied by a dietary plan and support.  “Pills” alone will not solve our obesity epidemic.  However, the right medication may provide a great medical “jump-start” that allows people to see lots of weight loss quickly and this empowers people to want to continue their efforts.

SeroCrave is only available through our program.  Contact us to learn more.

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