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A Place To Avoid

Unless all of the cars in your possession are battery powered, you will find yourself filling up your car(s) every 1-2 weeks at a gas station.  In the old days, most gas stations were part of an automobile service station where oil changes and car repairs would take place as well.  Over time, the gas stations started including shops that would sell cigarettes, candy, chips and sodas.  These became more elaborate and places like Sheetz would offer freshly made sandwiches, pizzas and a bunch of other foods and snacks.  And, according to my family and friends that have been there, Buckees is the latest/greatest form of a “gas station” that has morphed into a megastore selling LOTS of different things.

Let’s take a step back and think about the dietary plan we provided to you on your first visit to our program:  How compatible are the foods/drinks being sold in “gas station stores” with your weight loss journey?  The answer is “NOT very”.  Most of the foods/drinks/snacks will be high sugar/high carb/high caloric.  A “reward” for taking a long car trip is not going into a store and getting a chicken salad as you are filling up with gas.  The “Slurpees”, pizzas, sandwiches and large sized candy bars taste much better for sure.

Some basic recommendations: If you are filling up gas for your car near your home, obligate yourself to NOT head into the store part.  Stay by the pump, fill up the car and then get back into your car and drive off.  Do not be tempted by the various offerings in those stores that will derail your efforts.  And if you are on a long car trip away from home and need gas: Find a highway rest stop that offers a variety of restaurants that will allow you to make a smart choice.  Do NOT seek out a Sheetz or a Buckees.

I believe that some of our behaviors at these gas station stores are influenced by memories from our past when our father or mother rewarded us for going with them on a gas-filling jaunt by buying us a “treat”.  Please try to stay OUT of these types of stores.

Last story: While in college in SUNY Binghamton in the 1970’s, my friends and I drove up to Cornell to see a Spinners concert and my friend Bill’s car was a GTO.  This car maybe got 8 miles to the gallon and I remember coming back to Binghamton late at night we were almost running out of gas.  The “store” we somehow found for gas basically sold bottles of coke (the soda) and gum in their late night store.  No Sheetz or Buckees back then!

So, today’s song is a tribute to that GTO, as we did make it back.

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