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A Simple Note of “Thanks”

This note has zero to do with weight control but has all to do with my desire to say “thank you” for allowing my team and I to be a part of your health and wellness care.

My travels in business often bring me to a number of different medical practices across the country.  Not only do I meet the doctors and but I also get to see the patient population that receives their medical care from that practice.

To borrow a quote from the past baseball great, Lou Gehrig:   “Today, I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

I feel like the luckiest doctor alive to have such an amazing practice of patients that are:  brilliant, accomplished, caring, really nice to me/staff and participate actively and jointly in decisions related to their healthcare.

Every single day I am blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to have you walk through our doors.

The best way I have of showing “thanks” is to make myself available 24/7 (cell phone 703-609-0388) so you always know “your doctor” is only seconds away from speaking with you.

Once again, please accept my many “thanks” for calling me “my doctor”.

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