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A THANK YOU From Ukraine

Nataliya’s brother, sister-in-law and two children live in the western part of Ukraine, in the town where Nataliya grew up.  I will not provide their names or exact location as we live in a very scary time now and the less specific information provided the better.  About 7 years ago, Nataliya’s  brother and sister-in-law went through the laborious process of getting the serotonin supplements officially registered in Ukraine as well as translating the entire Serotonin-Plus Dietary Plan into the Ukranian language.  Through their efforts, we are now helping a number of Ukranians shed weight and become healthier.  Recent events however have placed weight control as the least of the worries of Ukranians as the Russian invasion has now made their very survival as the primary focus.

Several weeks ago we posted a blog that was a plea for help for these amazingly brave people fighting against all odds for their lives, homes and country.  Nataliya’s family helped find a donation destination that was vetted carefully to ensure that all funds donated would provide food, clothes and medical supplies to the people that needed these.  None of the $$$ would be squandered on fees or even worse, pilfered.

YOUR generous help has provided MANY needed items that are now in the hands of the people that really needed these.  Our brother and sister sent pictures and a video showing just how impactful your donations were/are.  We spoke with them several days ago and they could not stop thanking YOU, our incredibly generous and caring patients, for the donations you sent to the House of Ukraine in San Diego.  They wished they could hug each and every one of you for the caring support.

Nataliya and I also want to express our MANY THANKS to YOU for your incredibly kind support.  Those of you that know Nataliya have been constantly asking how she is doing and how her family is coping.  Also, we were blown away with just how many of you donated money to the House of Ukraine.  These inflationary times are scary for all, and parting with $$$ at this time is not easy, as we all have family issues that require our resources.  YOUR generosity is incredible.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Just in case you wanted to see the link again for House of Ukraine, here it is:

YOU, our dear patients, are AMAZING in so many ways.  I am the luckiest doctor in the world to have YOU as my patients.

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