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A Tribute To Mothers

I am writing this entry on Mother’s Day but I know it will not be posted until sometime after, so I want to wish all of you Mothers out there my best wishes for a very happy and healthy Mother’s Year.

I just poked around on the internet and found that the expenditures on Mother’s Day exceeds money spent on Father’s Day by well over 33%.  Does this imply that children and spouses feel any less love for their father’s as opposed to the love they feel for their Mothers?  Of course not!   However, most would agree that the “Mother” role in the family unit is probably the most revered/important component of the family.  The reason:  Although there are exceptions to these traditional roles, Mothers tend to be the primary nurturers of the family.  Turning back the clock to decades ago, Dad was out to work driving the revenue for the household whereas Mom was home getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, cleaning the house, shopping for food, preparing dinner, putting bandaids on when a child would fall off the bike and in many other ways, taking care of all of the needs of the family.

Fast forward to current times:  Not only is Mom still doing all of the activities (and more) listed above but in a high percentage of families, is also out in the workforce generating, in many cases, more money that Dad.  Think of that stress for a bit:  Responsibilities (and therefore stress) has risen way beyond what it used to be.

Does this take a toll on Mothers?  Absolutely:  For the working mother with custodial age children there is virtually zero time to focus on her own needs.  This translates at times into not focusing on obtaining/maintaining optimal health.  How easy is it for Mom to do all of the things needed to control her weight when there is not enough time in the day to attend to all of the other tasks/roles Mom needs to play?

So, my message to you Mothers out there:  It is NOT selfish on your part to dedicate time in your day to “YOU”.  Tell that sports watching, going to the gym and getting “me time” spouse of yours that the time has come for Mom to have at least one hour a day of “Me time”.  And, use that one hour to engage in stuff that keeps you healthy and younger feeling.  As they tell you on the airlines, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself first…”

And here is Michael Buble singing “Mother”  Enjoy!

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