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Accepting The Love You Think You Deserve

We were watching a movie the other night called “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” and a very interesting statement was made by one of the characters.  The movie was a “coming of age” sort of film and several of the high school age characters were battling issues involving poor self-esteem.  This resulted in entering relationships that included being emotionally abused by their partners.  When asked by the main character why good people allow themselves to be mistreated in relationships, a wise English teacher (played by Paul Rudd) stated: “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

I took a step back and thought more about the concepts of love and self-esteem as these relate to the weight control arena.  Concerning self-esteem, there is no doubt that when weight is under poor control, our self-esteem takes a major hit.  Moreover, there are many people that describe a self-loathing, sort of “hate” for allowing themselves to be at an unhealthy/unhappy weight.  We all want to “love” ourselves and feel really good about our “look”, energy and positive impact on others.

We all have made statements to the effect of “loving” certain food/drink sources:  “ I LOVE my wine”…”I LOVE chocolate” and similar proclamations of the “love” we have for those food and drinks that produce poor weight control.  More importantly, however, we LOVE feeling/looking younger, LOVE the higher energy we feel, LOVE the self-esteem and confidence that develops when we reach our weight control goals.

We all deserve LOTS of love, especially from ourselves.  Stay steadfast and focused on your weight control efforts and feel your self-love grow exponentially.

And, as an added bonus for you oldies music fans, here is Edison Lighthouse’s Love Grows:

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