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Adjusting Exercise To The Weather

I believe we all must admit that there is truth to the concept of “Global Warming”.  The recent weather patterns, including temperatures soaring to the upper 90’s and heat indices into the 100’s in JUNE are very supportive of this warming of the earth.  We certainly have seen this type of weather pattern, at times, in July and maybe August, but inn June?  Never.  Combine this with the observation that our winters are not as cold and snowy sure point to this global warming impact.

When the temperatures go this high, it is virtually impossible to do any significant outdoor exercise.  Forget about running or biking…even walking at a relatively slow pace can be exhausting and dangerous.  For those people that rely on outdoor exercise as their calorie burn-off regimen, they will not be able to perform these exercises.

As much as outdoor activity people loath the indoor stuff, we must adjust our exercising to the weather at times.  Pool exercise is a great alternative because this allows us to still be outside, yet not subject ourselves to the harsh ambient temperatures.  Pool exercise does not only include swimming back and forth doing laps.  There are water aerobic classes offered at many facilities.  Personally, on our recent trip, Nataliya and I participated in a water “spinning” class that was really fun.  Stationary bikes were placed in the water and for one hour intensity of peddling increased and decreased as per the instructor’s lead.  Despite the temperatures outside in Jamaica being in the 90’s with horrific humidity, the class was fun and not at all “health-dangerous”.

Obviously, indoor elliptical machines, treadmills, rowers and other aerobic gym activities can produce significant caloric burn-off without exposing ourselves to the dangerous outside temperatures.  Jazzercise and other high-intensity dance classes can burn those calories as well.

The bottom line:  Despite the horribly hot weather, we all can adjust our exercise patterns to ways that do not endanger our health.  Seek out those water or indoor activities that can be fun and help with our weight control efforts.  AND, if you decide to stay at home and forego alternative exercises, you must adjust your eating patterns to offset the lack of exercise.

And how about some Beach Boys music to relax at the pool to? Enjoy Kocomo

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