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“All In” Vs. Going “All Out”

When someone uses the expression:  “I am ALL IN”, that usually means that the person is going to devote as much time/effort as possible into some sort of endeavor.  The expression may have its origins in the world of the card game Poker, when a player places all of his/her chips on the table in a bet.

The expression, “going ALL OUT” also implies an unrelenting, completely focused effort to accomplish something.  So, interestingly, “All In” and going “All Out” sort of bring the same meaning.

Back to our world of weight control:  There are many reasons why the “usual” is for people to lose weight, then put weight back on, then lose again only to be gained back and the cycle goes on and on and on.  One of the major reasons for this is the mindset of being “all in” when efforts are started and doing the things that need to be done to lose weight.  When success, boredom or frustration occur, this results in the person not being “all in” anymore, old habits creep in and here we go again…all the weight is put back on.  The person alternates between being “all in” and NOT going “all out” anymore.  Complacency results in lack of focus.

During your long-term weight control efforts try not to fall into the trap of being “all in” in the initial stages and then losing that momentum.  Try to balance yourself to keep a steady, positive, productive enthusiasm as opposed to coming out of the gate blazing and then burn out.

We should all be “ALL IN” on wanting improved health/happiness, fitting into our stylish clothes, looking younger and having more energy.  Weight control success will bring you these and more.

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