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All They Want For Christmas Is…

For many people celebrating traditional holidays this time of year, “gift-giving” is at the highest level than it is at any other time.  We have many family members, friends and other loved ones that we want to recognize with very special gifts that make them feel special and loved.  Some of these people are quite easy to buy gifts for such as children and grandchildren that have eagerly offered up items on their “wish lists”.  Other important people in our lives such as parents and grandparents are not so easy to buy gifts for.  I know that personally, our kids have a very difficult time buying a gift for me because I tell them I do not want them spending any money on me.

During this time of year most/all of us actually love buying gifts for the special people in our lives.  Despite spending gobs of $$$ in the process, we enjoy putting smiles on the faces of our loved ones and the gift-buying/receiving season reminds us of those bygone days when we were younger and life seemed simpler.

The days of going to the malls and choosing gifts with the throngs pf people flooding the retail stores have been replaced, for the most part, by sitting in the warmth of your own house and logging on to Amazon and similar retail sites to buy your gifts online.  There probably is a list you have generated of the people you want to buy gifts for and then seek those presents online.  However, some people still enjoy the process of getting out and hitting the stores.

One of my favorite holiday pictures?  “Love Actually” starring a bunch of big name stars including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley.  The flick contained a number of songs but one of the major scenes in the movie had a song that contains a message that is quite true:  The very special people in your life want “YOU” as the highest priority “gift” for the holiday and beyond.  They want YOU in good health and happiness.  They want YOU to be with them and celebrate many more holidays, birthdays, graduations and other special times for many years to come.  

If all they want for Christmas (and for others, different holidays) is YOU, by definition, they want YOU to shed that weight and lower your chances of Not being there for future great events.  They want YOU to NOT have diabetes, heart disease, cancer and all of the other life-altering/threatening diseases that can cause YOU to be lost.  All they want for Christmas is YOU.

Enjoy the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” scene from Love, Actually

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