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Alone Behaviors Vs. Behaviors With Others

As uncomfortable as this topic may be human nature is such that we will all, at times, tend to exhibit different behaviors when we are alone vs. when we are in the company of others.  Here are some examples:

  • A number of people, when alone, will pick their noses and would never do this when in the company of others (By the way, when you see people in the cars picking away at their noses, do they think that the windows in cars are one-sided mirrors and you cannot see them?)
  • People will pass gas when alone but not intentionally do this in the company of others (exception are those elevator cases when everyone looks around to see who is responsible for cutting the cheese)
  • People will use four-letter words and exhibit rage at news, sports events etc when alone but would not dare show this side to others

Taking this topic to eating/drinking behaviors:  There are many people that will do lots of their health-damaging eating and drinking when opposed to when they are in the company of others.  Binge eating of high sugar/high carb snacks and/or drinking lots of alcohol while alone do not allow for “judgment” from others.  Clearly, overweight/obese people should NOT be binging on these foods and if they do so in front of others, they will feel that people in their presence will be thinking negative thoughts about them/their self-destructive behaviors.

During your long-term journey to improved health and happiness, take a step back and examine your own “alone” behaviors vs. your behaviors when in the company of other people.  Are they different or pretty much the same?  If you self-reflect and honestly appraise that those “alone behaviors” are different (and detrimental to your health), then try to change those behaviors to be the same as when you are in the company of others. 

And with the today’s topic being about being “Alone”, here is a throwback song from Gilbert O’Sullivan:  “Alone Again (Naturally)”

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