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Always Look On The Bright Side Of life (But Don’t Ignore The Dark Side)

I saw that a very funny Broadway musical, “Spamalot” will be playing at the Kennedy Center in D.C. soon.  The show originally made its’ Broadway debut in 2005.  The parody and spoof is about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table pursing the Holy Grail.  There are many, many funny scenes and songs in the show.  My favorite?  “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”.  I challenge you to listen to the song (see below) and NOT try to whistle with the tune.

To the concept of “The Bright Side Of Life”:  I believe all of us have experienced, continue to experience and will experience this “bright side” and I am referring to:

  • Fun outings with your spouse/family
  • Gatherings with your loved ones at holiday times
  • Vacations
  • Relaxing days
  • Enjoyment of your hobbies


This list can go on and on.

Conversely, we all have also experienced, may be experiencing and will (unfortunately) experience in the future the “dark side” such as:

  • Living through and witnessing horrific world/national events
  • Having loved ones become ill
  • Bad financial/bad economic hardship
  • Our own personal illnesses

When we are healthy and not focusing on our own medical situations, this allows us to see a very “Bright Side Of Life” and better enable us to address the “dark sides”.    When we are immersed more in feeling the dark side, the mind set of “why does it even matter what I am eating” becomes prominent.  This, of course, leads to even worse health outcomes and the “bright side” becomes dimmer and dimmer.

Focus on your health and the “Bright Side Of Life” will dominate.

And if you like Broadway shows, I highly recommend Monty Python’s “Spamalot”…go see it!

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