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An Opportunity To Ramp Up Support?

An incredibly valuable tool for helping people control weight long-term is “support”.  When people enter the SP Program, the elements of support we provide include prescription appetite suppressants, the proprietary serotonin supplements, a structured nutritional program and weekly support visits.  Our support continues post-program visits via monthly free body scans, the blogs I post, etc.

However, an incredibly valuable “support” system includes the family you reside with as well as your more distant relatives and friends.  Perhaps this support comes in the form of a spouse that daily encourages you on your journey, even to the point of sacrificing some of the foods/snacks/drinks he or she like so you are not tempted.  Maybe the support is from a friend you interact with on Facebook and you both share with each other recipes, provide emotional support etc.  Or, perhaps your teenager at home pulls you out for a daily run with him or her.

With the pandemic, we are all home lots more and along with that comes the opportunity to ramp up your support system in your quest to control weight.  Never be hesitant to ask for this help/support.  The family and friends important to you have you equally as high on their “importance” ladder and they would anything possible to help you get healthier.  

As we learn more and more about just how much poor weight control and the associated co-morbidities increase the risk of people for serious outcomes of developing Covid-19, it has never been more important for overweight/obese people to be successful in their efforts.  We all have the opportunity to ramp up our support systems.  Take advantage of this NOW.

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