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Are Carbonated Drinks Harmful?

There are many people that enjoy drinking plain water and lots of it.  However, a frequent lament I hear from patients is:  “I am bored of drinking water…can I drink sparling waters, diet sodas or other carbonated drinks during the program?”

First, let’s talk carbonation: The process of carbonation involves either injecting the CO2 gas into a stream of water or product or adding it to the static liquid in a pressurised vessel. Counter-pressure filling systems are frequently used. An alternative system is based on liquid level in the container.

So, the first question:  Is the CO2 (carbon dioxide) “bad” for you?  The answer:  No.  For many people ingesting the carbonated drinks too quickly may result in excessive belching and perhaps some mild abdominal discomfort until the gas is expelled.

The second question:  Why do we hear that diet sodas are “bad” for you?  The answer: This has nothing to do with the carbonation present in the drinks, but rather, the other ingredients.  The acid, artificial sweeteners, phosphates and other components may harm the teeth, bones and kidneys.

The bottom line: Plain, carbonated waters are a fine and safe alternative to drinking plain water.  However, the diet sodas and other artificially flavored carbonated drinks are not even close to being “safe” as plain water or carbonated water.

During your long-term weight control journey, try to opt for plain water or carbonated water as your “go-to” drinks.

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