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Are Small/Repetitive Food Sources Derailing?

Let’s all think about food/snack sources we know that would fall into the category of “small and repetitive”.  The first things to come to my mind are: popcorn, nuts, chips, grapes, M&Ms and Hershey’s kisses.  What do you think of that fit the criteria of “small and repetitive”?

“Small” implies that the food source is obviously of small size and “repetitive” means that we tend to eat much more than one.  Who only eats one chip, one nut or one M&M?  Very few people, as we all tend to reach for these types of foods over and over.  This is especially true during distracted eating times such as sitting with that big bowl of popcorn at the movie theater.  The odds are very likely that the big bowl will only have some un-popped kernels at the bottom by the end of the movie.

I am trying to think of small/repetitive food/snack sources that are “good” for weight control and baby carrots come to my mind.  Maybe small meatballs?  But who sits in front of a Netflix show and downs small meatballs?  Can you think of others that are not derailing to weight control efforts?

The bottom line:  Most small/repetitive food/snack sources are not helpful to your weight control efforts, and in fact, can be quite derailing.  If any of those types of foods are in your pantry, show them the door to the garbage can!

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