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Are There “Extras” In Your Shopping?

In the quest to break the monotony and/or going on the hunt for toilet paper, many people seem to be shopping more frequently than usual.  As you have noticed, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaners and chicken breasts are often in short supply.

What is most definitely not in short supply is the myriad of baked goods, candies, chips and other snacks/desserts that are front and center in the “stress eating” category of foods.  Alcohol consumption is up 75% from the usual as well.

During your ventures out to stores, try hard not to wander down those aisles that contain the various snacks and desserts that will negatively impact on your weight control efforts.  If those food sources are not readily available in your house, there is much less chance that you will hop in the car, throw on your mask, don your gloves and go on the hunt for Twinkies or your favorite stress-eating snack.

This is a very difficult and stressful time for all of us.  Stress eating high caloric snacks does nothing to end the pandemic.  Although a short-term gratification is fulfilled, cumulatively, stress eating hurts our health and increases our risk of bad stuff happening.  Stay strong!

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