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Are There Skeletons (Or Anything Else) In Your Closet?

Many/most of us will occasionally use idioms in our discussion.  The idiom I posted as the title to my entry today (“Skeletons In The Closet”) is thought to have been derived from the early 1800’s in England.  Due to the lack of corpses for medical research, apparently a bunch of body snatching was going on to covertly and illegally obtain dead bodies that were sold for medical studies.

The idiomatic expression “a skeleton in the closet” refers to a hidden source of something scandalous or shameful. This is most commonly used when referring to something in the past that will cause potential ruin to a person or group of people when exposed. It also signifies an undisclosed fact about a person that would damage his social standing among the community were it revealed.

Okay, truth be known, I am posting the title as a sort of joke, because we ALL have “skeletons in our closets” and I am truly not looking for anyone to “out” themselves.  The “closets” I am referring to in this entry as our clothes closets, pantries and other areas that we tend to place things.  So, my question comes down to the following:

Are there….

  • Clothes in your closet that do not fit due to your weight?
  • Foods/snacks in your pantry that derail your weight control efforts?
  • Gym equipment in your basement closet gathering dust because you are not using it?
  • Too many games or other time-occupying things that take away time from you focusing on your health?

During your long-term journey to improved health and happiness check your “closets” to see what helpful things are there vs the sabotaging things that hurt your efforts.  Exorcise out those “skeletons” and embrace the good stuff.

And here is “Skeletons” from the great Stevie Wonder:  

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