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Are There Weight Plateaus?

During a successful long-term weight control journey it is vitally important that frustration does not set in.  When a person attempting to lose weight develops feelings of frustration, this is quickly followed by the “Why even bother? I give up” mentality.  And that, of course, will result in the affected person stop his/her efforts.

One of the strongest components to developing frustration is not seeing weight loss occur despite ardent efforts.  It is one thing when a person knows that the previous week included eating/drinking a bunch of stuff that he/she knows will derail weight loss efforts.  This can be chalked up to a challenging week and then move on with positive energy to the next week.  However, it is an entirely different story when the person has followed the dietary plan, forsaken all of the “sweets, treats and goodies” and the scale does not show weight loss.

There are many patients that have expressed concern that they have reached a
plateau”, i.e. a certain weight at which no further weight loss will occur. 

I believe there are behavioral plateaus but not weight plateaus.  Our experience with thousands and thousands of patients have shown the SP team and I that with “tweaking” of the dietary plan and exercise, weight can start coming down again.  

When a perceived weight “plateau” is reached it is important to keep a very detailed food/drink journal.  This allows us to see exactly what is being consumed so recommendations can be made as to what should be changed. Clearly, if someone is not losing weight what should NOT be done is continuing the same dietary/exercise approach.

If you feel you are at a weight “plateau” start journaling your food/exercise intake and if you are no longer in the weekly visit stage of the SP Program, consider hopping back in for 4-6 weeks for a “jump start”.

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