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Are You A SuperHero?

Superheros are larger than life, have amazing powers and responsible for defending/providing for others.  We all love Superheros and fantasize about being one ourselves.

When you think about it, to some extent, we are all Superheros to people in our lives.  When our children are/were small, they look up to us as being incredibly important to them.  As time goes on and children grow into adults (nowadays this may take 40-plus years), they do see their parents’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but nevertheless, their parents are still very special to them.  Perhaps as managers/bosses at work or owners of companies, we are looked at as Superheros by the people counting on us to create a successful roadmap.  Spouses?  How often do you admire how much your spouse is able to handle, between work and parenting, and look at he/she as a Superhero?

Most Superheros have weaknesses that can hurt them.  Superman, for example, has his strength taken away by Kryptonite.  Wonderwoman would lose her powers if her bracelets were tied together.

Let’s turn to “us”:  What are our weaknesses?  Very often these are the medical problems that afflict us and sap us from our physical and mental strength.  Many of these medical issues are co-morbidities of poor weight control.

So, let me lay this one on you:  We all have a deep, committed responsibility to remain a Superhero to all of the very important people in our lives.  We must stay healthy to maintain this status.  Next time you find yourself veering off the dietary plan needed to keep your weight coming down, summon your Superhero powers to just say “NO”.
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