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Are You Being Undermined?

Here is a definition of the word “UNDERMINING”: the act or process of injuring, attacking, or destroying something or someone indirectly or by imperceptible degrees, often leading to a dramatic collapse

Clearly, undermining is NOT a good concept when it comes to most endeavors, including our own quest to reach a healthier state of being.  During a health-improving journey, whether this is a weight loss endeavor, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction or other, there can definitely be an “undermining” in our efforts.

Who/What are the entities that may work hard to undermine our efforts?  These include:

  • Corporate America: Fast food chains, candy makers and other corporations make lots more $$$ and profit when we spend our money buying their offerings.  Think of the check-out area of the supermarkets…There are not displays selling you protein and vegetables as you wait to check out.  Enticing displays of candy bars, cookies and other high caloric offerings are certain to undermine your journey to improved health.
  • People You Know:  Well-intentioned loved ones, work colleagues and friends will often be guilty of undermining your improved health journey.  This is probably not intentional (except for jealous work colleagues or even friends) but undermining will occur regardless.  We tend to nurture others via the use of foods/drinks and similarly, we will be undermined by people pushing food and drinks on us.
  • YOURSELF: All of us will tend to self-sabotage our improved health journey.  We feel we “deserve” to indulge in the foods and drinks we love because we all work hard and spend lots of time taking care of others.  We do not see our actions as “Undermining” ourselves but we, in fact, are doing exactly this.

Take a step back and analyze whether YOU are being “Undermined” and then identify WHO/WHAT are doing the Undermining.  Then, take the steps needed to end these undermining activities.

Get a (Little) Help from your friends and loved ones.   And also help YOURSELF.

Enjoy Ringo and Paul singing “A Little Help From My Friends”.

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