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Are You Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago?

Sorry to disappoint any of you out there that are expecting some sort of political opinion piece on my part based on the title of this entry.  I am not referring to your financial, professional, your feelings on the state of our union or any other aspect of your status now as opposed to 4 years ago based on who has been running our country.  What I am referring to:  The state of YOUR health:  Is your health better now than 4 years ago?

Well, going into this discussion, the deck is sort of stacked in that over time as we age, the chances are that our health may deteriorate to some/much extent simply due to the fact that we are getting older.  Those 4 years of difference in health are probably dependent on the ages we are comparing.  As an example, the age-dependent health differences between 16-20, 24-28 or similar “earlier years” are probably far less noticeable than the 4 years between 76-80, 80-84 etc.

Even if age itself sort of influences the health changes over a 4 year period, there are still plenty of things under our control that can positively impact our health over any 4 year period.  Some of these will include:

  • Cessation of smoking
  • Weight control
  • Reducing/eliminating alcohol consumption
  • Implementing an exercise program

We should all strive to be “better off” in the future than we are now on multiple fronts.  Health is by far and away, the most important of these.  Yes, we are fighting the aging processes but we do have control over a number of our behaviors that influence health.  If your health is worse now than 4 years ago, “Vote” for a change in some of your behavioral patterns that may have contributed to this. 

And going back in history, the line about “Are You Better Off…?” was said by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter.  And the number 1 song of 1980?  Watch the video to get the answer! (Hint…Blondie)

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