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Are You Doing It “My Way”?

This entry was inspired by a recent patient visit when the patient was expressing lots of frustration about not losing weight.  When I queried what Phase of the SP Plan she was following, the response was “I am not following that plan, but I am following a plan that used to work for me”.

I have practiced medicine now for almost 40 years (gulp!) and one of the important lessons I have learned is that people respond differently to various treatment interventions.  For example, the overwhelming majority of people with bacterial bronchial infections respond beautifully to Zithromax but there are some that never seem to improve with this antibiotic.  Another example: Many people with acid reflux will do great with the proton pump inhibitor, Nexium, whereas others fail with this PPI and do better with Protonix.

Now, to the weight control arena and varying responses:  It has been our experience in helping people control weight that most people do not lose weight as aggressively on protein alternatives such as protein bars/shakes/powders.  However, there are people that can utilize these instead of “real” protein and still lose weight briskly.  Here is another example:  For most people, engaging in alcohol usage, even when this is a small/modest amount, will not lose weight but there are others than can still maintain a good amount of alcohol intake and succeed with weight control.

Whether you pursue weight control “Your Way” or “My Way” (The SP Program Dietary Guidelines), the important issue is whether you are, in fact, seeing the weight loss results you desire.  If you are currently not losing weight following a certain game plan, that plan must be changed.  This is where food journaling comes in:  Memorializing the current admixture of the different food groups, what types of snacks are being eaten, what types of proteins are being ingested…these and many more knowledge points will allow us, referring to your SP Counselors to make exact recommendations for you.

So, the bottom line:  If weight control success is occurring, then whether this is “Your Way” or “My Way”, this matters little.  However, if frustration is setting in, the “Way” needs to change.

Enjoy Frank Sinatra singing “My Way”:

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