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Are You Finding Good Distractions?

We all read lots of comparisons about the social, economic and other ramifications of the Covid pandemic vs. 9/11.  Travel came to a halt, the stock market plunged, people were fearful of being around crowds, etc, etc., etc.

One of the very major differences is this:  Very shortly after 9/11 a number of “good distractions” started up again, mostly revolving around theatres and sports venues opening up.  I never forget the tears streaming down my face when Mike Piazza hit a memorable home run for a big Mets win against the Braves in one of the first baseball games played in New York after the attack.  Perhaps many of you also remember watching a movie, seeing a show or watching your favorite NFL team pull out a win in those first few weeks after 9/11.  We had welcome, good distractions to take our minds off the horrific events of 9/11.  Our favorite restaurants and bars were open, we could walk in the park and we could hug others.

Now, the situation is starkly different.  There are no games to watch, movies to lose ourselves in, gathering with our family/friends for a cookout, looking forward to a dinner out at our favorite establishment, etc etc.  We are all actors in the Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day”, where every day seems to be the same, void of “good distractions”.

So, here is the challenge:  Doing some good detective work, finding good distractions and immersing yourself into those good distractions when the opportunity allows.  I am going to offer up one that works for me and I am hoping you will send your comments to us so we can share those ideas with our patient base.

Here is mine: I am reconnecting with old friends from college…people I have not spoken with in decades.

And yours?  Please send to us!!!

Oh, this guy is not my patient but he sure made a fun video, as his passion seems to be music and Broadway shows.  Enjoy!

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