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Are You Planning?

Planning is a vitally important component of long-term weight control success.  There are various types of “planning” that need to be utilized:

  • Planning what you will shop for at the grocery store (shopping list to ensure the right types of foods are available at your house)
  • Planning what meals and snacks you will have for the upcoming day(s)
  • Planning what days you will be able to exercise
  • Planning how you will approach a business trip that may entail evening meetings, lots of driving, airport time etc.
  • Planning how you can enjoy your vacation but not allow it to turn into an eating/drinking frenzy.

So, an honest self-assessment:  Are you doing any of the above planning?  If the answer is “no” or “not much”, I urge you to start being much more aggressive in your planning.  

Here is an analogy:  If a football team went into a game without any game plan, what are the chances of winning the game?  Despite having great players, without a game plan, there is no way that team will win.  Returning to the weight control arena, a similar situation exists:  Without planning, there is little-no chance of success.

Get out that and paper (oops, sorry for the Baby Boomer vernacular…I meant click on the notes icon of your smart phone) and start planning your roadmap to improved health and happiness via weight control.

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