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Are You Playing The Same Old Song?

The long-term weight control journey is not an easy one.  If it was, 70% of the U.S. population would not be overweight/obese.  There are many reasons why losing weight and keeping that weight off is so difficult.  Often, a patient will admit to reasons/excuses as to why weight did not come off that particular week.  Some of these include:

  • I had a stressful work week
  • I traveled for business
  • I had friends visiting for the weekend
  • I am getting tired of eating all of that protein
  • I needed a break from focusing on weight

Many other bullet points can be added to this list.  Now, time for some “tough love” from your doctor:  We can all find reasons why adhering to a plan to shed the weight is very difficult.  However, we all need to dig deep down and focus on the one reason why we need to do what it takes to get the weight off:  Our health and happiness are at risk if we do not lose that weight and keep the weight off.  

If we keep singing the “same old song” and allow the reasons/excuses to thwart our efforts, then there is little-no chance of that weight ever coming off.

The Four Tops released a gem of a song in 1965, called “The Same Old Song”.   Let’s enjoy the music but not allow “the same old song” to govern our behaviors as these relate to weight control.

Enjoy the Four Tops   

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