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Are You Selfish?

Here is a definition of the word, SELFISH lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

I believe that no one would like to think of themselves as “selfish”, but I would bet if I asked the question:  Do you know a selfish person?, I would bet pretty much everyone has a name (or several) in mind.

Let’s bring the “selfish” concept to the weight control arena:  In the quest to NOT appear selfish, many people will forego some necessary steps to control weight.  Here are some examples of what I am referring to: 

  • A group of people are planning to go out to dinner and the place that people seem to agree on is a restaurant that will not be greatly compatible for weight control, such as a buffet or a Mexican restaurant.  In the quest to not appear “selfish”, the person trying to lose weight will NOT speak up and express the desire to go to a different restaurant that will offer better dietary choices.
  • A woman working full time with school age children will forego gym time in favor of taking the responsibility of taking the kids to their after-school activities.  ( I bet the spouse does not feel selfish about getting that exercise time in!)

I would like you to embrace the concept that YOUR weight control efforts are vitally important and you should not feel “selfish” in the least about focusing on “You”.  Successful weight control and the steps needed to achieve this are not in any way, shape or form “selfish” behaviors.

Here is another concept of “selfish” in the weight control area:  YOU are loved and needed by your family members.  You are sort of “selfish” in NOT shedding the weight because your lack of success will increase the chances of becoming ill or dying prematurely.  You sort of “owe it” to your loved ones to remain focused on yourweight control.

Don’t be selfish….lose that weight!!!

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