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Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

A common “goodbye” sendoff to someone you have met or spoken with is an often heard “Take care of yourself”.  This is especially true during these Covid times when we are very concerned about the health of not only ourselves and families, but also others around us.

So let’s take a step back and think about the concept of “Taking care of yourself”.  There are many physical health considerations here including:

  • Having routine physicals and screening tests to discover medical problems at an earlier, much more curable stage
  • Having age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Ensuring adequate sleep and rest
  • Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight

There are also important components of “taking care of yourself” as this relates to our psychological well-beings.  Taking the time to immerse in activities such as exercise, yoga, hobbies, meditation etc will help balance ourselves and contribute to overall better moods.

There are many people reading this entry that are spending almost all of their time taking care of others.  No offense to my male specie, but this behavior pattern of taking care of others at the expense of themselves is much more often seen in working women.  I believe there is some “nurturing” extinct that exists in females more so than males that provides the impetus to focus on everyone/everything else and then, if there is time, devote attention to herself.

Weight control requires focus and time commitment to planning, shopping and preparing the right types of meals.  Finding exercise time is important as well.  When a person is spending pretty much every waking moment taking care of others and working, there is almost no chance that long-term weight control can occur.

Now, more than ever, it is important to “Take care of yourself”.  I am not suggesting that you forsake taking care of others to any great extent, but never feel guilty about placing yourself on the “priority” list of being taken care of.

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