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Are You Tired Of (fill in the blank)?

There is probably a fine line between “pet peeves” and being “tired” of an irritating person or event.  Let me start by sharing with you some of the things I am “tired of”:

  • Group texts:  I DESPISE being on group texts with that constant binging of my cell phone.
  • People that want to text incessantly rather than picking up the phone and calling…if some dialogue needs more than 2 replies, PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL
  • Television news services that do not report the news in an unbiased way…and that is probably every one of them at this point.  Now more than ever we need Walter Cronkite.
  • Health insurance companies calling doctors “Providers”.  
  • Getting older:  Well, as you can see above, crankiness seems to increase with age and I don’t wanna be some cranky old man (but if the shoe fits…).

Okay, now your turn:  Name the things you are “tired of”.  Maybe some of the listed items will include some things pertinent to your weight control efforts. This may include being tired of eating eggs for breakfast, tired of counting portions, tired of “dieting” in general.

However, let me throw out some “tired ofs” that are made MUCH better by successful weight control:  Are you tired of taking medications for weight related co-morbidities?  Are you tired of not fitting into some of those beautiful clothes in your closet?  Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a person that you remember looking younger/more fit at a different time?  Or, are you simply just tired, lacking energy and enthusiasm?

Stay steadfast in your weight control efforts and you may still feel tired of lots of things, but there will be many “tired ofs” that will be gone.

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