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Are You Waiting For Godot?

Truth be known, my academic prowess in school was weighted much more heavily towards math and science and not so much English and general information courses.  Although our English curriculum necessitated the reading of a number of “classics”, both old and new, my recollection of these books is fairly faint.  There was a book I do remember that we were forced to read called “Waiting For Godot”.  The book was written by Samuel Beckett in the late 1940’s and the story was about two characters that engage in a number of discussions and encounters while waiting for some dude named “Godot” to show up, which he never does.  The play was produced on Broadway with some famous actors starring, including Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame and Ian McClennan who starred in Lord of The Rings and the X-Men series.

The term “Waiting for Godot” has been morphed into popular language to describe situations when a person/people are waiting for something specific to happen which in fact, never will, leading to despair, angst and futility for that person/people with this expectation.  Here is an example:  Expecting your unruly, messy, waking up late, disrespectful teenager to clan his/her room to immaculate levels will, in fact be akin to Waiting for Godot.

Let’s bring this to the weight control arena:  Losing/controlling weight is a very “active” and not “passive” process.  The steps needed for successful long-term weight control include planning, shopping, consciously avoiding the foods/drinks that derail the process, creating exercise time etc.  Gaining weight requires none of the above.  For those people that are expecting weight loss to occur without rolling up the sleeves and doing the work required, their expectation of losing weight is sort of “Waiting For Godot”…i.e. it will never happen.

If you wake up this morning, get on the scale or look in the mirror and are not happy with what you see, and you can relate more to the characters in “Waiting for Godot” as opposed to people that already in the gym working out, leave the play and become proactive in finding Godot (your healthy/happy weight) and not waiting for it to happen on its own.

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