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Asking For Help

Many people, including myself, are loath to ask for other’s “help”, as the fear exists that you will be “bothering” the person you are requesting the help from.   We all realize that family, friends, work colleagues and others around us have their own lives, responsibilities and issues to address.  Adding yet another “tasking” to them is not fair.

Successful long-term weight control most often requires the “help” of people around us.  If a spouse continues to offer up high-caloric snacks at night as well as stocking the pantry and freezer with derailing food choices, this will sabotage weight loss efforts.  If people at work continue to bring donuts and bagels in every morning this will derail weight control efforts for the people in the workplace that need to lose weight.  If a relative is throwing a dinner party and all the food choices will be pasta laden and little protein, this will be very challenging to follow the SP plan.

Please be proactive in asking for other’s help in your weight loss efforts.  Reverse the situation for a minute: If someone you cared about came to you and asked for your help in his/her mission to become healthier via weight control, would you eagerly/willingly help that person?  You would not be offended in the least.  Similarly, the people important to you will feel the same way:  Your spouse and children will be very happy to “hide” the damaging snacks, the “candy jar “ person at work will gladly hide the candies and the person throwing the dinner party will have no issue at all throwing in the oven a large steak, chicken breast or salmon.

My suggestion:  Do not “hide” your weight control journey with others.  Rather, ask for their help.  This will greatly improve your chances of success. 

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