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Asking For Help

I would bet that pretty much every one of us does not ever want to be perceived as being a “nuisance” to a friend or loved one.  We feel much better about ourselves when we are “givers” as opposed to “takers”.  This translates into sometimes/many times not asking for help when we could actually use some.

This concept translates to the weight control arena in the following manner:  Losing control of our own environment often presents challenges to following the high protein/low carb approach that is needed for weight loss.  When we are invited to dinner at a friend’s house, have a several state stay-over at a relatives or ordering in a meal at the workplace, the food and drink choices are not under our control.  In these scenarios, other people are making the choices of the types of food available to us and this often narrows down the “helpful” foods for our efforts.

Let me present this scenario to you and step back to see how you would react: You are throwing a dinner party for a bunch of your close friends.  The main course will be a prime rib. One of those friends contacts you weeks before the gathering and says: “I was just diagnosed with diabetes and my doctors have placed me on dietary pattern that recommends lots of fish.  Is there any chance there can be a fish dish for me?”

I would bet you would not construe this request as being a “nuisance” and you would be more than happy to buy a plank salmon from a store and easily throw this into the oven alongside that prime rib on party night.  You love your friend and would definitely want to help this person get healthier.

Now, how would your loved one or friend react to your request to have food available that will help your weight loss efforts?  They will feel the same way as you did.  HAPPY to help and you will not be perceived as a “nuisance”.

To the closest person in your life:  Your spouse or partner:  Asking them to NOT bring derailing foods/desserts home and/or eating these in front of you will most likely result in a very caring “I am HAPPY to help”

During your long-term weight control journey please do not feel ashamed or bashful about asking for “help” from the very important people in your life.  This help is very much needed to achieve weight control success.

And I know you saw this coming:  What with this post be without the Beatles song, “With A Little Help From My Friends”..Enjoy some nostalgia:

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