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Assessing The Damages and Then Fixing Them

I am writing this entry on the balcony of a cruise ship (Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Not So Famous).  We just pulled into the Norfolk port after 8 days of amazing fun aboard a Royal Caribbean ship that brought us to the Bahamas for sun and fun.   The sun did not do much damage but the “fun” was an entirely different story.

The “fun”, aside from the beach and shipboard activities involved food…and lots of it.  Placing this in the category of “Please do what Posner says and not what he does”, by taking a cruise vacation, I placed myself in the category of vacations that I refer to as “All You Can Eat” scenarios.  And, I most certainly fell into this trap:  Whether you eat a small amount of food or gorge yourself, it costs the same amount of money.  Human nature is such that we will opt for getting our money’s worth.  From the breakfast buffet of filling up a plate of food (my usual at home is 1-2 hard boiled eggs) to the lunch buffet including burgers, fries and desserts (my usual at home is a chicken Caesar salad) to dinners when I ordered 2 entrees and had dessert again (my usual at home is a protein and maybe some vegetables), my pattern of eating changed dramatically.  My saving grace is that I didn’t purchase a booze package because I don’t drink.

So, for those of you that have found yourself in similar situations of returning from a really fun vacation and not even thinking about dietary control, here is my upcoming approach.

Step One: ASSESS THE DAMAGES:  Human nature will coerce us NOT to get on the scale knowing full well what “damage” has been done to our weight.  I am betting on a 4-7 pounds gain for me in a mere 8 days.  This is despite going to the gym every morning for a 90 minutes elliptical workout.

Step Two: Develop a game plan as to how to get that weight back down: Take out the dietary plan booklet we provided to you, blow the dust off of it, and read through the plan.  Obligate yourself to a strict Phase One approach for 2 weeks.

Step Three: Follow through on implementing Phase 1, watch the scale at least once weekly and stick with the high protein/low carb/no booze approach for those several weeks.  By doing so, all of the weight you gained on that wonderful trip will be gone.

Part of the fun of life is taking great trips and indulging in the foods/drinks that make us feel good.  However, we must assess the damages and then fix them as this relates to keeping our health intact.  Good health will allow for many more fun trips in the future.

And we did dance quite a bit, and no, I will NOT post a video of me dancing as my intent of these blogs is not to have you fall over laughing  (Yep, I cannot dance worth a lick).  But here is one of the fun songs we moved our feet to.

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