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Avoiding “All Inclusives”

The concept of “human nature behaviors” (“HNB”) has lots of application to our weight control efforts.  One of the aspects of “HNB” is seeking/ ensuring that we obtain the best value for the money we spend.  Here is what I am referring to as this relates to weight control:

If we pay a set price for a meal at a buffet restaurant, will we be compelled to go up for a second, third or even fourth plate of food despite not feeling hungry?  How about a trip to the dessert bar?  The odds are high that we will make several trips to the food bar and top it off with several desserts.

If we book a vacation at an “all inclusive” resort that includes all the food we want to eat and all the booze we can drink, will we tend to be cognizant of the amount/type of food we eat and booze we drink?  Nope….the odds are high that we will consume LOTS more food and drink LOTS more alcohol than we normally would had there been extra fees affixed to this.

If we are on a business trip where the company is paying for the meals, will we tend to eat and drink more than had we been paying for these meals ourselves?  Nope…the odds are high that we would join the rest of the people there in consuming lots more food and alcohol than normal.

The point:  If we have a choice, such as a planned vacation as opposed to a business meeting, try to opt for those choices that are “ALL INCLUSIVES”.  If you take a cruise, do NOT buy an alcohol package.  Rather, pay per drink.  In this case, you are not telling yourself that “I cannot drink because I am trying to lose weight”, but rather, you will be financially dis-incentivized to drink lots more than you should.

Similarly, when going to the Caribbean or Mexico, try to opt for the resorts where you pay per meal (and no free desserts) and also pay per drink.  There are a number of really fine resorts that do not only offer the “ALL INCLUSIVE” concept.

Controlling weight requires and almost constant fight against our human nature search for immediate gratification as well as “getting your money’s worth”.  Try to set yourself up for success and one way is by avoiding scenarios where our human nature takes over.

And here is “The Human League” singing their hit “Human”.

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